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This Bonanza featured an old Bendix pneumatic autopilot which was replaced with an S-Tec 60-2.  The NavCom 1 and RNAV were replaced by a new Garmin 430.  The owner also added a Garmin 195 handheld GPS which was interfaced with the 430 allowing the 195 to down-load the current flight plan from the 430, this way the 195 can display the data page ( distance to waypoint ect...) while the 430 is kept on the map page.

A complete panel rework was accomplished so the Garmin 430 could be mounted in the center of the instrument panel for better viewing by the pilot.

Since we were reworking the panel, the glove box was filled in and co-pilot instruments were added.

A panel overhaul of this magnitude would not be complete without a new S-Tec HSI.